Bayan Roots is a QTPOC-owned massage studio in Oakland for queer, transgender, POC-identified, bigger bodied folx and our allies.

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How can we help you?

Massage Therapy

Whether it’s for stress reduction or injury rehabilitation, we offer a wide variety of hands-on techniques that are tailored to your needs. 

Cupping Therapy

This ancient form of therapy utilizes suction pressure from cups to help with circulation, pain, inflammation, and helps loosen those stubborn knots.

CBD Massage

Much like a regular massage, but using CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil to deepen the sense of relaxation and dramatically relieve pain.

And more

We offer several other services that you'll enjoy.

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We're different

We create a safe space to bring your whole self.

We challenge the norms of the health and wellness world by modeling a queer and trans-inclusive, POC welcoming, and body positive space.  

What our clients say

As a fat woman and an abuse survivor, I was wary of massage, but I was also desperate for help with chronic pain and immobility. I've been seeing Cal for massage therapy, and I only wish I had more than five stars to give. Their care has been nonjudgmental and kind with excellent communication. Bayan Roots in general is a very unpretentious place, very queer friendly, very fat friendly.

Ruth A.

As a trans-identified individual, it is a beautiful thing to walk into a space and immediately and consistently feel welcome and comfortable.  Trans flag outside, gender pronouns on the intake form, gender neutral bathrooms, and of COURSE Rocco, who is also trans-identified and was amazing and considerate throughout.  

Connor M.

I went to massage school years ago, so I have pretty high standards when it comes to getting body work. For me, taking a chance on a new massage therapist is tricky, because getting a bad massage is almost worse than getting no massage at all. Rocco Foronda is- hands down- the best massage therapist I have ever seen in all of my 41 years. They have just the right balance of strength and intuition when it comes to massage- I always tell people (and I have told EVERYONE) that it feels as though Rocco listens to your body with their hands. 

Tess U.

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