"In November 2013 Typhoon Haiyan was on course to hit my mom’s hometown and surrounding areas in Eastern Samar in the Philippines.  My heart sank as I watched the news because I knew what the houses looked like: some made of just bamboo and palm thatched roofs.  After over a week of no communication from my family in Borongan, I remember uttering the words, “I wish I could just go there and help.”  And then I realized I could!  I hosted a massage-a-thon fundraiser, and with the help of my community here in the Bay Area, I was able to join a volunteer group in Leyte that deconstructed homes so that people could begin to rebuild.  
When I was over there, I saw that the people did not have resources, tools, and leadership to do it by themselves.  Mostly, the homeowners would give us tasks and we would come in with our steel toe boots, crowbars, gloves, and chain saws.  At one site, a group of folks from the neighborhood came to assist us - with bare hands and flip flops.  There was a beautiful moment when one of my fellow volunteers looked up and said, “Bayanihan: working together.”  This word stuck with me as it speaks to the power of collaborating with other humans to accomplish great things.  When people put their minds and muscles together, it creates a synergy that makes the impossible possible.  
In many ways this is how my entire team and I view the healing arts: not as practitioner healing client, but as a joint effort from both client and practitioner.  When there is full participation, the effects are longer lasting and the benefits are shared.  This spirit of community coming together for a cause is the foundation of this space."    
                       - Rocco Foronda, Founder
Bayanihan ...
refers to the spirit of community, working together, and cooperation to achieve a particular goal.

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