More about our practicioners


Rocco Foronda

Rocco is a first generation Filipino-American QTPOC, non-binary person who was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have been practicing massage therapy professionally since 2005.  Using listening skills and intuition, they combine Eastern and Western approaches to assess and apply techniques that encourage balance and harmony. They work "with" people, not "on" them, to facilitate and assist in the journey to attain individual goals. They love bringing people back into their bodies by increasing awareness. Rocco enjoys working long-term with a wide range of human bodies in many stages of ability and health, and in all shapes, sizes, and gender identity. Rocco works with athletes as a part of their training regimen and through injury and have much experience with computer users and musicians who similarly seek relief from repetitive strains. Rocco is passionate about providing excellent bodywork for prenatal clients. They love assisting pregnant people through the dramatic body changes that happen over the course of gestation and the aches and pains that naturally come with them. As a former department head and massage instructor at Mckinnon BTC in Oakland, Rocco enjoyed teaching in the Advanced Shiatsu and Swedish Massage programs. They also previously taught Pregnancy, Sports, and Deep Tissue massage. Rocco weaves in several other modalities into their practice such as Trigger Point Therapy and Acupressure, making their work a unique and dynamic experience.

Cal Light

I practice therapeutic deep tissue massage and like to work with people's chronic muscle pain and impingement.  While deep work can sometimes feel painful and intense I work with my clients to stay within their limits to allow for improvement in range of motion without causing too much residual soreness.  During our session my clients will feel relaxed while also experiencing relief from the pain and stress they may have come in with.  My schooling for massage primarily focused on pain and injury mitigation and I feel that really resonated with how I wanted to be of service to my clients.  I also practice Craniosacral Therapy and happily marry both deep tissue massage with aspects of craniosacral work to reap the most benefit for my clients.  

I love working with trans/queer people, people with chronic pain/injury, folx with mental health challenges, and parents.


Caitlin Tabancay Austin

I'm an eastbay-raised queer woman of color, and I practice trauma-informed Swedish massage, shiatsu, and acupressure, with elements of tui na and deep tissue.


When working with a client's bodywork goals, I try not to fish for solutions but to invite them back to their body's innate sense of balance and wholeness, holding space for what is ready to happen next in their healing journey. Clients often leave our sessions feeling centered and grounded, refreshed and restored, with more freedom to move and flow. A singing athlete at heart, I believe that art and bodywork always inform each other.


I trained at McKinnon Body Therapy Center in Oakland, and I became a CMT in 2017.


Kai Gruezo

I offer a nourishing, safe and therapeutic session that honors my clients specific needs. The modalities that I practice are Integrated massage, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Energetic Healing. My work is intuitive and based in holistic approach. For those who are regularly active or  dealing with chronic conditions, I offer techniques that aim to reduce pain, and promote relaxation. Each session for me is dedicated to creating flow throughout the receivers body, so that each client leaves feeling rebalanced and renewed.

A session with me allows for the client to tune into the spaces of their own body that need attention. Bringing that awareness creates healing physically, mentally and spiritually.

I received my certification from the World School of Massage and Holistic Healing Arts, where I was able to go deep into the practice on many different levels of my own well being, so that I would be able to offer that to others as well.


Alexis Aguilar

Hailing from Houston, TX, Alexis has been practicing massage therapy since 2015 with a focus on deep tissue and Thai massage. As a queer mixed baby, their passion for healing began with the study and practice of traditional Mexican healing modalities like energy healing and using the wisdom of natural elements like plants and gems to accelerate healing. They consider massage an integral way to calm the body and quiet the mind to allow individuals to reconnect with their body and spirit; a way to access the inner wisdom and deeper healing. They see their practice as a way to bridge the gap between old and new, nurturing the collective connection of all things. Small but strong, they listen to the needs of each individual and is intuitively informed as how to approach their specific healing. They are currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Film & Photography with a minor in Research with the intention of telling the unique and hidden stories within the queer culture.