We are a massage and wellness studio!  We offer massage therapy, cupping therapy, gua-sha, and our monthly clinics happens every second Saturday of the month!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you offer a sliding scale for your services?  

We are very interested in making our services more accessible!  We do not do sliding scale, but we do offer reduced rates through our Community Roots Program.  You can download an application on the "Rates" page or request one at info@bayanroots.com.  Please don't hesitate to ask questions, we are happy to help!

How do I book a massage or reserve a class?

You may book online by following these steps:  

1.  Access our online booking system here:  www.schedulicity.com

2.  Create an account with an email address and phone number.  (IMPORTANT:  You must OPT-IN for email or text notifications or else you will not receive confirmation notices for your appointments.)

3.  Massage clients may request a massage from available therapists.

Where can I park my car?

One of the best features of this location is the unmetered street parking!  If you don't see a spot on MacArthur, you can usually find one around the corner on Laguna.  We do not have a dedicated parking lot. 

I use a wheelchair, is Bayan Roots accessible?

Bayan Roots is located on street level with no steps up to the door or inside the space.  Unfortunately, the bathroom is not ADA compliant.  

I have chemical sensitivities, what are your fragrance practices?

Bayan Roots is a low scent environment.  Clients and therapists are encouraged to arrive to appointments wearing no scented products (deodorant, essential oils, cigarette smoke included). The therapist may refuse service if the scent is too bothersome.  We primarily use a water/vinegar solution for cleaning the space.  Sheets are laundered with free and clear detergents, and hand soaps are always unscented. Thank you for understanding that clients/therapists are greatly affected and get sick from scented products!

When getting ready for a massage, should I leave my underwear on?

It's completely up to you!  You can disrobe to your comfort level or receive a massage fully clothed.  During your intake, your massage therapist will discuss all these options with you.  If you choose to undress, the therapist will only undrape areas of the body they are massaging at the time.  Otherwise, you will be safe and snug under the sheet and blanket.  The genital area and gluteal crease are covered AT ALL TIMES.      

Do you offer discount packages for massage or any other discounts?

If you need financial assistance, please submit an application for our Community Roots Program.  We do not discount packages but we have an ongoing referral program.  When you refer a friend, you get $15 off your next massage or class pack, OR 15 minutes extra on your next massage.  


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