Bring your whole self

Bayan Roots is a massage studio in Oakland’s Dimond District where we invite you to bring your whole self with all of your identities.


We actively challenge the norms of the health and wellness world by modeling a queer and trans-inclusive, POC centered, and fat-friendly space.

Fat Positive

All sizes are welcome here!  We are equipped to help larger bodied folks feel comfortable and relaxed on the massage table. We will never offer unsolicited advice around nutrition or exercise and only discuss topics relevant to the care we provide. 

Trans and Queer Centered

Almost all of our staff identify as either Queer, Transgender, a Person of Color, or a combination of the three.  This representation in our staff will help call in and reflect the clientele we believe are underserved and often mistreated in the wellness industry.  For us, “queer” is synonymous with ‘radical resistance’ so much of it means going against the status quo that oppresses marginalized people out of the main stream.

POC Prioritized

Massage therapy in an individualistic culture like American society is regarded as a luxury and an occasional treat. Many communities of color, collectivistic cultures are socialized to put the needs of the group or others before themselves. Massage therapy can sometimes be seen as a wasteful form of self-care that POC may feel unworthy of receiving. It’s our goal to change the narrative to where all black and brown bodies believe that they are worthy of this service.

A Note from the Owner

Hey everyone,


I’m Rocco and I use they/them pronouns.  Welcome to Bayan Roots Massage! As a Bay born, QTPOC, Filipinx, and long-time Oakland resident, I’m so happy to offer our community a unique wellness space that is for the people.  The name Bayan Roots is a mix of Tagalog and English words, and is intended to both make people curious about its origin and signal that we are not your typical spa. 

On a typhoon relief trip to the Philippines in 2014, I learned the word “bayanihan” while helping deconstructing homes.  It refers to communal efforts and the “spirit of working together to accomplish a task.” Bayanihan is the perfect word to describe how I view the therapeutic massage process.  Whether our session goal is stress reduction or injury rehabilitation, it’s not just a therapist working on a client, but more of a collaborative effort. You know your body the best, have complete autonomy, and will have control over what you consent 


The word “Bayan” translates to “the town” or “the people.” So Bayan Roots Massage seemed like a proper Oakland massage studio name!


Enjoy your session,